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GPU VRAM requirements: Nvidia 1GB+ | AMD 4GB+
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How Does It Work?

Games From Space uses the power of your GPU (Graphics Processor) to find crypto-currency coins. These are in turn used to buy your favorite games. To do so the hardware solves complex mathematical equations to support the underlying blockchain system. This is called mining.
The better your GPU, the faster you'll get your game.

Miners used to buy up all the supply of graphics cards, so for a while gamers could not find any. Now it is time to turn the tables and take our share from the cryptocurrency market!


Everybody loves screenshots

Select games from the many games available in the store

Get live progress on how much of the game you already earned

Once a game Arrives you get a code to redeem your original game in Steam, Origin etc.



This depends on the game you want to have and also on the GPU model you have. Generally, older games might be available within a week, a brand new triple-A title would take about month. Games from Space has many special deals that will in turn reduce how long you need to wait for your pod to arrive. To get a good estimate you can go to the “Games” section in the app while your engine is running. Next to each game you will get a rough estimate of the waiting times.

Yes, overclocking the memory of your GPU will also increase the Speed of your pod, but please note that we do not recommend to overclock your graphics card, as it will reduce the lifetime of your GPU. Games from Space does not take any responsibility if your GPU breaks, especially when overclocking.

Inside the app we will show you a code you can use to get your game, e.g. a steam gift code.

The processing power of your GPU is not worth the same on each day, so the speed of your pod might vary a bit.

You should keep your GPU drivers up to date, as they should have better performance while gaming and also while using Games from Space.

Please visit us in Discord, the invite link is in the top of the page.

We have different speed modes that can be enabled in the engine room. Which speed you can still run while gaming depends on the game and your GPU. The idea is to enable always-one e.g. on low GPU usage to be able to play at the same time and then when you're AFK we automatically return to full speed.


First of all make sure you have the latest NVIDIA or AMD drivers for your GPU.

If you have an NVIDIA 9XX series GPU, you might have to change a setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel. 
You can start the NVIDIA Control Panel by rightclicking on the Desktop and then choosing NVIDIA Control Panel. In the control panel you need to go to the following setting:

Manage 3D Settings -> Optimize for compute performance -> On.

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